Woodville Equine situated in Yetminster West Dorset, it is thriving under new ownership and your horses receive 5-star care, but what matters most is they really care about the horses and their owners. My pony has been on full bed n board at this hotel since February. There are hunters showjumpers, all-rounders and now ‘RDA ers’. Full-size arena and turnout are available. Previously I’ve always kept my horses at home, but having lost confidence we need support and facilities. It nice to be able to ride in a school and the yard are encouragers, if it weren’t for Gidi, Tony and the other liveries there, I would have hung up my riding boots after the Trunchbull incident at the other well-known local riding school. If it weren’t for their support and encouragement, this website and blog wouldn’t have been published either.

Today 31st May, has shown once again that they really do go the extra mile. My Western saddle is heavy, I can just about lift it but I can’t carry it to the pony, so Tony created a custom saddle stand and trolley, (He improved the initial design phase of the Youngest member of staff) He didn’t have to, he simply did it out of kindness. I’m humbled by the kindness of others again