In Horses Can Roll But They Can’t Roller-Skate, the main character, Molly Dillon is a little girl challenged by physical disability. Molly lacks self esteem due to her physical challenges, and focused on the things that she cannot do. She resents her physical limitations and yearns for freedom of movement, particularly to Roller-Skate with her peers. 

 Odin is a cheeky, little fjord horse, who like Molly also longs to fit in with the Bay Pony Club ponies, but Odin also longs to stand out and find fame. They meet and on their journey together they find fun and self-acceptance. Odin helps Molly learn that she can do what ever she wants albeit in her own way and they both realise that standing out and being perceived as different can lead to all sorts of fun and adventure. 

 I wrote Molly and Odin’s story out of love of my beautiful golden horse as a way for his golden heart to go on and spread a little joy. I also hope that Odin and Molly’s story will encourage understanding and a focus on character rather than perceived difference. 


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Your story is very inspiring i to have chronic pain and fibromyalgia plus many pain related things going on.I also lost both soul ponies I still struggle both Rupert and Finlay were ponies of a life time. I had both from babies both very much gentlemen probably more Finlay than Rupert. I lost Finlay first he was 23 hard but I knew it was just his time. Rupert was harder was only 15 battled for 10 months but Ruperts needs came first. He’d missed fin so much he pinned. Sorry for boring you I found your situation so relatable
Thank you for sharing
Nikki Torance

horse lover and rider

This is a heartwarming story about the love between a young girl and her horse. I love how the book is inclusive and challenges stereotypes whilst promoting positive attitudes. This book is representative of those who are not represented enough in society. I think it’s important that children are shown positive and inclusive images, regardless of their ability/ disability, colour or religon. The text is in clear font with short paragraphs and chapteres . This makes it easy to break it down  for younger children and create discussion opportunities. Jade uses her experiences and mobility challenges to motivate and inpire others. In a difficult time Jade has created platforms and outlets to share positivity. 




Sarah Hunter

Education, Inclusion and Disability Specialist