In Horses Can Roll But They Can’t Roller-Skate, the main character, Molly Dillon is a little girl challenged by physical disability. Molly lacks self esteem due to her physical challenges, and focused on the things that she cannot do. She resents her physical limitations and yearns for freedom of movement, particularly to Roller-Skate with her peers. 

 Odin is a cheeky, little fjord horse, who like Molly also longs to fit in with the Bay Pony Club ponies, but Odin also longs to stand out and find fame. They meet and on their journey together they find fun and self-acceptance. Odin helps Molly learn that she can do what ever she wants albeit in her own way and they both realise that standing out and being perceived as different can lead to all sorts of fun and adventure. 

 I wrote Molly and Odin’s story out of love of my beautiful golden horse as a way for his golden heart to go on and spread a little joy. I also hope that Odin and Molly’s story will encourage understanding and a focus on character rather than perceived difference. 


Odin Plush Teddy


Horse Power Rug for Odin Plush Teddy