Podcasting seems to be going really well. In the latest episode Maeve Sheridan (@Activateyourseat on Instagram) talks about horse and rider fitness and there are episodes with Mindset and marketing coach Tara Punter, Amanda from Three Donkeys, and Victoria from stitched equestrian coming soon- Keep your eyes peeled for Giveaways too!

I recently also chatted with Sarah Elebert about life as an eventer and her latest venture Equicoach online She believes her mindset is as important as physical training to her success. On the other side of the fence, I know there are many of us nervous nellies- which led me to wonder why we do it? A love of horses is a given, but something drives us even when we are frightened.

Is there a little bit of adrenalin junkie in all of us?

We humans chase a buzz or thrills like Nemesis ride at Alton Towers, You could say there’s a degree of risk; or at least a vulnerability in blogging or podcasting, etc, because you don’t know or have any control over it will be received by listeners and readers. ( I actually thought my best friend was the one listener loyal to Off The Lead Rein, but analytics inform me that approx 200 have tuned in so far!

I wonder whether Maslow would argue it’s because humans’ most basic needs are met? Maybe I should invite a rider mindset coach to chat onto the podcast, to try and find out. I’m sure there are many reasons but he big dipper or an XC course are far too much for me, I’m quite happy behind a microphone or on a hack with a foot soldier!

Jade x