I lurve Pepsi max, the fizzy dose of aspartame in a can isn’t good for you but diet Pepsi my guilty pleasure. It’s a very basic analogy but my attitude to my own life is like a can of Pepsi Max, more often not I want to do all that I can move forward with horse riding, explore new places, master new skills and push forward new projects, do a Safari, see the Canadian Rockies and to eek all the joy out of life— Live life to the Pepsi Max (one of my greatest fears is wasting my life. Is that common in those that were lucky to make it? I don’t know). An open can of Pepsi Max left for a later date, loses its fizz. Likewise, if you don‘t dedicate as much care to yourself as you do to others you run the risk of losing your fizz and your zest to live life to the Pepsi Max.

I’ve always loved that strapline and the power of branding in terms of what values or perceptions that people buy in to, where and with whom they want to belong. Since I’m interested in it, and I thought it would be useful in helping make Horses can Roll but They Can’t Roller-Skate part of storytime, I‘ve been trying to expand my knowledge of brand and marketing for small businesses- A brilliant way to do this is with the help of Rhea Freeman and her small and supercharged group, and the small and supercharged podcast– My bedtime audiobook. This group is full of inspiration. ,