Sunday was my first time in the saddle since before lockdown. The lockdown yoga sessions have worked wonders- I hopped on and I was almost nimble. I plodded around the school a couple of times with one side walker and a lead rein. Three or four circuits later and was done to zero side walkers AND off the lead rein hurrah! I had a go at a little trot on the lead rein and we pottered down the road in convoy, side walkers assigned video duties. It’s amazing how a prolonged break from riding and a couple of hiccups can really affect your confidence- I used to happily hack out solo through local villages with a short C.A.N.T.ER of happiness thrown in. Throughout lockdown I’d been determined to get off the lead rein, focusing on your goal even if it’s a very small one, and writing it down really seems to help, that’s why I love journaling and I love Rosie my Woodville Equine Livery team too!

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