Your Horse recently published a feature article about me and Rosie and my author journey.

As I’m sure many of you know my first award winning children’s book was published in 2020 and my late beloved Fjord Horse Odin was the star. In the first story, main character Molly longed to rollerskate with her friends but was unable to walk properly. Meanwhile Odin a cheeky little Fjord Horse dreamed of being bay and fitting in with his herd; at the same time Odin dreamed of finding fame like his hero Seabiscuit. Odin teaches Molly to ride and together they find fun and self-acceptance. We donated £1200 to the RDA and won an Equus award.

Having lost Odin aged 35, I was also at the start of a new chapter with my new horse Rosie the piebald cob. I had no idea how mentally hard it would be to start riding again, with a new steed as a late 30 something…. The RDA was on hand to help Rosie and I find freedom again. Every week a lovely volunteer named Sarah Lloyd Harris would come free of charge to help me learn to ride Rose and help Rosie to adjust to my needs. Our aims weren’t anything grand. purely to be able to hack out like I used to with Odin. We were a long way from that. I’d gone from solo hacking to a leadrein and two side walkers. Some days such as my fear that I’d go white and almost cry.

Gradually we progressed round the arena and eventually progressed outside, losing our side walkers and retaining the help of Sarah and my lovely dad at the end of the lead rein. In the midst of lock down, the stables become not only our only hobby, but my only social distant social life.

Fast forward and we are now merrily hacking out, sometime with my Dad as a very untalented photographer. It seemed fitting that my kind and patient cob should be the star of horse own story so Horses Can Do Ballet was published in December and is available here or via Amazon and once again we will be making a donation to the RDA as a thank you to the wonderful Sarah.

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