Just before Christmas, I was a guest on Horses in The Morning Podcast all the way across the pond in The USA! I dialed in via mobile, anxious that I’d reach the team to chat on my first international podcast interview . We talked abut my motivation for writing my second inclusive children’s book namely, to educate young readers about inclusion, raise funds for The RDA and perhaps most importantly to bring a community together in their love of horses and ponies.

Discussing the challenges of writing a book, we all agreed it’s not creation of a charming story, or even pulling together the book. It’s the spreading the word, people can’t read your book if they don’t know about it. Lastly the team were particularly fascinated to find out about my house pig, who had her own breakfast bowl and even sat with me on the sofa. They’ve already pre-ordered their copies!

if you like to listen the interview is available here

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listen to my first international podcast interview with The Horses in The Morning Podcast here. 
We discuss my mission, the challenges of writing a book