I haven’t updated the blog for a while because Rosie and I have been so busy (we never seem to have a cameraman on hand either). Like my podcast we are now also off the lead rein, (well mostly). I’ve developed a trust in Rosie now and we’ve begun to trot, I let out a whoop of delight as we trotted along and I finally believed I could still ride and it was just a matter of trust and mindset. We’ve renamed her Derek Trotter! Derek’s trot is comfy as an armchair and it won’t be long before Derek and I are leading the pub ride. The staff at the Chetnole in will have to offer al fresco service though as if I get off, I won’t be able to get back on again! Like Derek and I my Off The Lead Rein podcast has also picked up the pace. I’ve taught myself how to fade music in and out and how to edit audio on Garageband (there’s room for improvement here too). I’ve chatted with Paralympians, entrepreneurs, and fashion brands. I’m currently editing episodes with Eventer Morwenna Foster, a fjord horse rescue and the creator of Crafty Ponies. Karen of Crafty Ponies has been a huge supporter of my journey with Molly and Odin’s adventure. Amazing things develop, when you stick your neck out, trust yourself and have a go!

Love Jade and ‘Derek’ x