I’m not para-rider, an eventer, a writer, or an influencer. These days I’m back to basics to try and re-join the world of happy hacking. When I began to write the tale of Molly and Odin in Horses can roll but they can’t roller skate, I questioned whether there was a place for me in the virtual or equestrian world. Whether because I was none of the above, I had anything to say, whether anyone would want to read any of my musings or have an interest in the tale of the cheeky little fjord horse and his best friend. I then decided that because I was happy hacking, there was a value in what I had to say; When I spent a period of time in the hospital, the mother of a little baby who was also receiving treatment, said it gave her hope to meet someone overcoming a physical challenge, doing ‘lovely normal things, perhaps ordinary can be your extraordinary and even in the mundane you can be an encourager.