I’ve been thinking recently about how important it is to make yourself go outside of your comfort zone, otherwise, you’ll never move forward. When the lockdown is over I must push myself to get off the lead rein. I’ve gone from a girl who could race to the pub or trot along the beach to a semi middle-aged adult on a lead rein.

Initially I didn’t feel that comfortable with the idea of putting my thoughts out into the virtual world but pushed myself to create this website and blog and to set up Molly and Odin’s Instagram account- If I announced it to ‘the gram’ I had to push on. Now I am eagerly telling the followers about Molly and Odin’s adventure, Now I’ve begun to think about my next stretch goal. We’ve lost our good weather and as pooh would say it’s a blustery day today. As I wrestled down the sun umbrella so that it wasn’t blown away, (it became a sort of tango, Dad dance stylee). I decided I’d announce my next slightly uncomfortable goal. I don’t feel confident enough to brave the world of Youtube (I often don’t do my hair), and my mother’s always told me I have a face for radio- Hello Off The Lead Rein podcast! I’m hoping to chat with people who have created opportunity some times against challenges, maybe with a little bit of luxe thrown in. He who dares Rodney…….